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Jeanie Overton

Qualified & Licensed Counsellor

Counsellor offering counselling in Winchester, Southampton, Hampshire Area.

Jeanie Overton - AMACCPH (Accredited Counsellor)

Qualified & Licensed Counsellor

Accredited & Licensed Counsellor in the Winchester Area

About Me

I am an accredited and fully qualified counsellor, offering face-to-face counselling at my clinic in the Winchester, Southampton, Hampshire area, or online video and telephone counselling.
Whether you are feeling anxious, lonely, mourning the loss of a loved one or pet, struggling with divorce, separation, affair or betrayal, I am here to provide a safe and confidential place for you to express your feelings.

Through my on-going charity work with Cruse, and regular clients with Outlook Counselling, I have helped many people cope with the various challenges life can bring.  

I have always felt a great compassion for people and an innate desire to support them whilst they navigate through the difficult times in their life.  I realised through my own life experiences that certain emotions and situations can be less overwhelming when someone is there to support you through your tears and fears.  I am moved by people's stories and feel passionate about providing a safe place for them to share and express how they feel.  It is incredibly fulfilling to know you have helped someone feel validated and normalised their feelings and emotions.  My aim is to gently support people whilst they adapt and understand their complex mix of emotions.

Specialising in:

  • Anxiety

  • Loneliness

  • Separation & Divorce

  • Relationship Breakups

  • Affairs & Betrayal

  • Low Self-Esteem

  • Bereavement

  • Pet Bereavement

Please Note: I do not offer couples counselling.

My Approach

I am aware that counselling can be a daunting and brave step.  You will no doubt have concerns and feel nervous or apprehensive at the thought of sharing and showing your feelings and fears. You may be feeling overwhelmed, numb, lost, sad, anxious or guilty.  It is okay, it is normal to have these concerns - I understand. I believe that every individual is different with different needs.  I work in a warm, accepting, and empathetic manner.  My aim is to ensure you feel safe, un-judged, respected, and supported, whilst giving you my full attention.

I’m an integrative counsellor.  This means I draw on and apply different therapeutic approaches, mainly Humanistic and Client-Centered.  Humanistic counselling recognises that every individual is unique. It focuses on growth and self-development to enable exploration of thoughts and feelings in order to work out solutions.  Client-Centered (also known as Person-centered) Counselling focuses on an individual’s values and self-worth.  When an individual feels valued without judgement, it can help them to accept who they are and the choices they have made.

Whatever is on your mind, I truly believe that talking therapy can help. I am here to help and support you explore, reflect, and better understand your feelings and emotions, whilst you navigate through your journey. 


A qualified and accredited counsellor:

Diploma in Counselling Level 3.

Diploma in Counselling & CBT Level 4.

Diploma in Grief & Bereavement Counselling Level 3.

Diploma Pet Bereavement Counselling Level 3.

Diploma in Psychology Level 3.

Advanced Cert. Cruse Bereavement Care & Support.

Certified Specialist in the Grief Recovery Method.

Continued Professional Development: 




Licensed Counsellor


Qualifications are approved by the governments "Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual)".
Qualified Counsellor
Accredited Member of the ACCPH (Accredited Counsellors)
Accredited Licensed Counsellor
Certified by The Grief Recovery Institute
Bereavement & Grief Counselling
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