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Counselling my clients through their journey.

The grief of losing my husband, (we’d been together for 60 years) compounded by the stress of dealing with the ensuing legalities, led me into a deep, dark hole where I felt that I was going around in ever decreasing circles. I began to misinterpret some of the decisions and actions I’d taken over the years. I lost the memories of the happy times we’d shared together.

It took just 3 sessions with Jeanie to restore balance to my life. After listening carefully to my outpourings, Jeanie offered pointers to consider, rather than solutions. I was able to reflect on her words between sessions. I stopped spinning. I was able to think clearly again. The negative thoughts rolled away.

I’m not quite sure how Jeanie helped me to understand why I was feeling the way I was and to find peace again. I just know that she managed to do so very successfully.  I would highly recommend Jeanie as a Counsellor / Talk Therapist.

When I first went to Outlook I was lost, I had lost my wife almost 2 years ago. I had been to places I never want to go again, basically I was rock bottom.  I had almost given up, outlook were probably my last chance saloon.

Jeanie has helped me in ways I didn’t feel were possible.  Using her experience and substantial counselling skills, in a fairly short space of time she has helped me unravel my emotions, meaning I actually feel like living again.  I can honestly say I feel happy again!

I would 100% recommend Outlook and Jeanie.  She has been professional, wise and supporting in helping me get my life back on track.  In a word Jeanie has been Amazing!  Thank you so much.

Sometimes, all you need is for someone to cut through your mental fog.

I needed someone with a light, gentle approach. I was unable to see my way ahead and find hope. With kindness and understanding from Jeanie I was able to regain my sense of positivity and the belief that all was going to be alright.

My sessions with Jeanie have been incredibly helpful. Her non-judgemental approach made difficult  topics easier to address head-on, which I really needed and appreciated so much. Jeanie helped me navigate many obstacles in my life that had previously sometimes felt like a mine field. I'm happier and very settled as a result of our therapy sessions. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her and re visit if needed.
Highly recommend! Very respectful and listens attentively. I always feel like she understands and cares what I’m going through.  
I look forward to my sessions because I always feel better after talking with her. I am moving towards a sense of acceptance and slowly finding everyday life easier to cope with. 
I’d gone through a few bereavement therapists before finally feeling comfortable with Jeanie. She makes our sessions such an open and safe space for me to explore my private thoughts.  
I have always found it extremely challenging to talk about the loss of my parents.  However Jeanie gently encouraged me to open up and I must say,  it feels like a weight has been lifted.
When I lost my beloved dog "Storm" I really needed to speak to someone.  My friends and family initially supported me but then after a while they told me to move on and that I should just get another dog.  I felt in a dark place and it was affecting my life.
I contacted Jeanie to see if she could help and she told me that she does also cover Pet Bereavement. She has helped me so much in such a short amount of time!  To have someone there to talk to who understands and allows me to feel normal about my emotions has been a huge relief.  She has a kind and caring ear and really helped me come to terms with my loss.
Jeanie is helpful, understanding and very easy to talk to. She really knows how to listen and gives me good insight which I think about in-between my sessions.
Excellent listener and very intuitive in interpreting emotions. I feel free to express any emotions (even bawling my eyes out!)  She never makes me feel judged or embarrassed.  She is patient, kind and just supports me whilst giving me clarity and hope for my new 'different' future without my partner.
I was feeling out of control with my emotions and just felt that I was falling apart.  Jeanie helped me deal with the changes in my life and also gave me perspective with some deep rooted emotions that have been affecting me from a long time ago.   I now feel more at peace and able to face the days ahead.
I have full confidence in Jeanie's experience as a Counsellor and would definitely recommend her!  She validated my feelings and I felt heard. I am so thankful for her support.
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